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Originally Posted by tator View Post
I don't think there's any way we could be!

Heck, I think my 3 year old could do better than Obama.
did you even watch any of what i posted? Newt is a scum bag. atleast you have tought your 3 year old morals. that makes him better than bolth Obama, and Newt. i actualy think in the long run we would be better off with Obama than we would be with Newt. hear is why. people are armed to the teeth right now, ready and waiting for the second American Revolution. If Obama wins he will not have to worry about re-election again. he will continue to drive this country in to the toilet, just as fast as he can. people will see this, we can have our little war between Right and wrong ( i mean left), and seeing as how "right wing nut jobs" are way better prepaired for this than the loony liberal "flower childeren" it will be over quickly, and we will have our country back, people will see that it was the dems who drove our country to that point, and dems will not be elected for a long time. How ever if Newt wins, he to will keep driving our country into the toilet. just at a slower rate, and it wont be as obvias, and what will prople do? not a frigging thing. because he will not so boldly make himself the enemy of America, there for people will not stand up out of fear of being labled the bad guy.
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