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Originally Posted by FrontierGander View Post
Worked out a partial trade and got another TC Renegade, this time in .54cal!
Well, now you've got the best caliber!
As others have already said T/C's are addicting. I started out with a T/C Hawken kit. Then got a Renegade flinter. Later, I got another Renegade, but percussion. Somewhere along the line I picked up a New Englander 12 ga. Then I got burned on an internet deal for a New Englander .50 cal. I also have a Contender with two barrels & an Encore Pro-Hunter 7mm mag rifle. My buddy is always after me to get the 209x.50 barrel for the Encore. I have considered one, but just can't get myself to jump into the inline craze.

I did find a cure for the T/C addiction, but it wasn't cheap. I'm now hooked on custom reproductions of original flintlocks. A low priced one of those starts around $1000 and they get a lot more expensive than that. Darned addictions! lol
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