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you mean this guy? im all set

newt on global warming
Nancy Pelosi and Newt Gingrich Commercial on Climate Change - YouTube
newt on health care
Newt Gingrich: Government can control diet & exercise - YouTube

newt kissing Obama's rear end
Newt Gingrich Praises President Obama on the Stimulus & Healthcare - YouTube

so willing to send others to war, but refused to go himself (cause he was married and had kids). guess what i was married, and had kids. "i wasent eligible for the draft, i wasent eligible for the draft" freak-en cowered. oh and by they way, you guys may remember when i went ballistic when he lied about the Manchester VA hospital being closed, and some of you though i might have misunderstood what he sead....... well in this vid shows the exact comment he made, that he would re-open the hospital......
Ron Paul on calling Newt Gingrich a Chickenhawk ABC NH Republican Debate 1/7/12 - YouTube

this guy cant win. if he does we will be just a screwed as if Obama wins.
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