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Originally Posted by tomlightfield View Post
No offense to LiveToHunt, but with my funding anymore instead of spending almost $300 on one cam, I would get 3 M80's for $300. I just got the M80 for $100 total shipped to my doorstep. That was weird too, got it from EBAY from a lady, but it was drop shipped directly from Natchez Shooters Supply, with all their paperwork and invoice and her credit card charged $136.42. It came in the typical"adult proof" plastic bubble and it works fine. I don't know how that deal works, but oh well. Wish I could afford a couple more.

HMM... that is strange Tom... that's the great thing about Ebay, you never know what one person is thinking when selling something! My father-in-law deals HEAVILY in antique glassware... and when I say deals HEAVILY I'm saying he easily has well over $800,000 in antique glass (and other antiques). Anyways, he has been collecting for over 40 years and he knows when someone is letting something go for WAAAY too cheap. It's one of those things that if a person doesn't do the research they are throwing their money away... It's not my father-in-law's fault that someone priced it $500 too cheap. Does it all the time because people think they are getting a LOAD for it, but really not getting the value at all. It's the same thing in those Pawn Stars shows... Those people just want the money to go down the strip to gamble... They always take WAAAAY too little for what they have. BUT it's not the pawn shop's fault, they are doing the service and paying the money.

THAT SAID.. haha -- Been seeing Wal-Mart here in my hometown has D55ir's on sale for $89 which is a good deal. Been keeping an eye on them as they tend to mark things WAAAAY down at the end of Jan or early Feb.

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