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Isn't the old 270 rule- 130gr for Deer, 150gr for Elk

I don't own a 270 or shoot one on TV but isn't that an old rule for a reason? It does seem to make sense, 130gr for Deer, 150gr for Elk. That can be compared to the 30-06 rule of 150/165gr for Deer, 180gr for Elk. I guess the most important thing is does your rifle shoot the particular bullet weight well? Also the non lead bullets will be lighter for a given length. A 130gr Triple shock will be as long as a much heavier bullet with a lead core. I do not use the 150gr Nosler Bt in my 30-06 for Deer prefering the 165gr. If I was using the Triple Shock non lead bullet from Barnes my weight of choice for the 30-06 would be 150gr.

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