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Scrub Buck
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cheap target

well im kind of a cheap skate when it comes to targets, so this is just what I do, you may have heard of this idea.
I go to our local feed mill and get 2 100 lb plastic feed bags, they charge 90 cents a piece for them, turn them inside out so the outside is white with no writing on it.
go through your closet and take all the old clothes you dont wear anymore and pack it into the bag. sew up the top and draw on your bull's eye's.
I shoot almost every day, atleast 50 shot's a day, and have never had a arrow pass through the target, when it get's really full of hole's just take the same clothes out of the old and put them in the new bags.
I shoot at 70 lbs and as close as 10 yd's.
works great and is cheap as hell..!! lol
one note...dont plan on shooting with broad heads, you can get them out but it's a pain in the a**.

works for me..
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