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Looking to start (another) argument!

I've watched discussions on DHC about the different bullet grains best suited for different game. Having said that . . .

For a .270, which is the better bullet for whitetail deer, the 130, 140, or 150 grain bullet???

I've used 130 and 150 grain Core-Lokt's over the past few years. The 130 grains seem to do "okay", doing a complete pass through when taking out the vitals.

So does the 150 grain, but it seems to do a better job (meaning I have to chase them less) than the 130 grain.

I realize that the 130 grain (due to less weight) is traveling significantly faster than the 150 grain, but the 150 grain (also due to weight) seems to have more energy upon impact from what I've seen this season.

Okay fellas, let's have your opinions. . . . .

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