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You seem to not wanna appreciate the advancements made in archery.To make a blanket statement that fast bows are unforgiving is completely false.With todays moderm bows a bows ibo can be 330 fps with an 8inch brace height.Todays bows are just better than years ago thats a fact.An archers responsibility is to make a vital hit and the most accurate way to do that is with a release.Fingers is a dying breed and while some are proficient with fingers most archers are way better off with a release.Finally you dont have to shoot carbon but if your pounding arrows they are way more durable than aluminum arrows.These are advances that are beneficial to archers.In golf you could still use a wooden driver but why would you?You are right 250fps will kill a deer but if i shoot a bow with a higher brace height, its shoots easier than a bow from 10 yrs ago, and i gain 30fps whats not to like.Just my opinion.
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