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All rifles are not equal...

I noticed that you placed the Remington 710/770 in the same boat as their Remington M700. The rifles only share the same name of the Company that made them. Remington M700 and M7 rifles are some of the best in the World. The standard Army and Marine sniper rifles are M700 in 308 Win. I wouldn't recommend a Remington 710/770 to be used as a tent stake. Savage bolt actions are some of the most accurate available, I just personally think they deleted to many steps in their Axis model. Rifles are made to a pricepoint, the Remington M700 SPS is a M700 without expensive polishing and finish work. It also has a cheaper floor plate design. But it is still a Remington M700, and that counts. Another poster has a Savage 111, this is a quality rifle. Getting a package rifle is an option if you can't go over 500.xx dollars, and you want the next step up in rifles from entry level. Just decide up front that you are going to replace the cheap optics as soon as possible. A cheap scope will work and is probibly better than most scopes sold 50 years ago. It is just that scopes are a lot improved from 50 years ago. I haven't handled the Ruger American yet, it might be worth taking a chance with. You won't be able to spend much on a scope after getting one, but you could upgrade next year to a better one. Ruger couldn't take away from the M77 and get it down to the 450.xx pricepoint so they redesigned the entire rifle to hit the lower pricepoint. The Ruger American will be quality for a lot of American shooters and that is what they were targetting it for. Not everyone can spring for over 1000.xx after a good scope is placed on it. My Son is looking at buying a M77 in 30-06 himself, he is looking at it as a lifetime purchess. I am also considering picking one up myself, also in 30-06. I love the 30-06 and my Sons have the same passion for it that I do. All my current Deer rifles are in 30-06. Others might be better for some animals or uses but the old cartridge just plain works. The last suggestion is take you time deciding, whatever you buy will last multiple lifetimes.

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