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I understand, I just took some more pictures. Its 100% custom made. It looks like the barrel was cut down as well from some of the marks at the muzzle. No one took me over the coals, this is a remarkable custom built muzzy and NOTHING on the market looks like it.

I got a good story when i was asking some folks about the style, its styled after a Tennessee rifle but altered to look like an 1840 model thats been cut down " barrel and stock" and the flintlock replaced with the modern percussion system. Check out the tennessee rifle " no not the poorly designed traditions model LOL" and you'll see it. Parts such as the rear sight, trigger guard as well as the pinned barrel i was able to find on the TOW website with were in fact for a Tennessee rifle.

If Traditions is charging that much for the Frontier, they must not want to sell many. The Lyman Great Plains rifle can be bought for $389 and is 100x better quality.
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