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Originally Posted by FrontierGander View Post
Traditions frontier is a cheap gun plain and simple.

This rifle uses a Siler lock, they look very close to an L&R.

LOL now i know you are just talking some smack because if you honestly think traditions makes quality sidelocks, you must not have ever owned anything of high quality!
The Traditions Frontier rifle does have an affordable price but isn't cheap by any means.
FG, You Claimed in your original post your plains rifle had an L&R lock now you say it's a siler, I guess it's pretty safe to say at this point you don't even know what you bargained for, You got a no name barrel, a questionable Lock, and who knows what else you'll identify as time goes on.

Do you have any idea where this rifle was made or who it was made by? Any Guess? did the seller offer any valuable info on it's history? Who he got it from, how long they had it, how long he had it, etc etc etc....???

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