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your bathroom looks good BF! our house is a quad level (which includes the basement). If you notice, on the back of the house pic, there is a pool ladder and there was an above ground pool that sat right there at the base of the deck. That was alot of fun getting all that dirt work drug back around and spread out with just a tractor and blade. The back deck was just a plateform deck so we added the railings and everything to it. ALSO if you look close in the newer pic there are 2 sliding glass doors on theback of the house,, the upper one goes into the kitchen and the lower on into the den/living space. When we bought the house (in the green pic) that door to the kitchen wasn't there. We knocked it out and put in a door there and built an upper tier to the deck (2 levels now). We love it. The only thing I don't like about our house is that it's somewhat choppy. Not much of an open concept. It's a mid-70's style house. I told my wife if we had more time, I would've liked to have redone ALL the sheetrock in the entire house. It took my dad and I to completely redo the entire house with the bathrooms being the majority of time (3 1/2 baths) They all needed knew vanities and toilets and showers and bathtubs and tile and sheetrock etc....

BF I know what you are talking about with the laundry shoot. We had one growing up in our house that went from the upstairs to the main floor then down to the basement.
In our house now, I made one but it's in our bedroom in my closet (that's the ONLY place I could put it) and I just made mine out of wood 1x12's. It drops the clothes right down into our laundry room. Kinda proud of it! lol

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