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Originally Posted by FrontierGander View Post
LOL no, my rifle is nothing like a traditions, completely custom made and high quality.
Originally Posted by Hunting Man View Post
I'm waiting for FG to get tired of that rifle.
HM, after comparing the following, why wait? I think you'd be better off with the Traditions Frontier model if these are the type of features you're interested in.

FG's Custom? No name & no numbered 28" barrel has a 1:48 twist w/deep groove rifling, just like the Traditions Frontier Muzzleloader but Traditons sports an Octagon barrel.

Double set triggers just like Traditions.

wood furniture just like Traditions but Traditions only uses a "Select" hardwood.

F&G, your custom uses a standard classic L&R Model 2100P Lock (nothing custom about it) while Traditions uses a Custom Lock, with fully adjustable Lock & Double-Set trigger adjusments.

FG, I really do like the looks of your "custom" plains rifle but comparatively, I don't think it's even Close to Traditions Quality!
It's too bad we're so far away from each other, I'd really love to have a closer look at your plains rifle.. Custom or not.

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