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Sorry I didn't know what the price was for the Ruger

I didn't know that they were pricing the Ruger at 450.xx. That's placing them in competition with the Remington M700 SPS which is around that pricepoint. I am not a fan of rechambering old war horses to current cartridges. I don't doubt that the 1912 is safe, but something like a Marlin XL7 in 30-06 is going to be much stronger/safer. I also like the one piece scope base on the Marlin with multiple ring spacing options. I suggested two people buy these and both are very happy with the outcome. I did get to zero both rifles when they first were shot and they are alot for the money. Both were bought for 299.xx plus tax. One is mounting a Nikon Prostaff 3x9, the other is mounting a Redfield 2x7. Both are in 30-06. I didn't fire alot of ammo from either, just 4 rounds from each. At 25 yards I just fired two rounds then adjusted to center into the bull, and fired two to verify the adjustments. Both rifles and scopes put bullets into the same holes at that range. I watched the owners then had serious fun playing with them at 50 yards. They were new shooters and didn't need the challenges of moving back to 100 yards. Others in this group have recommended other entry level choices before.

Two I don't recommend are the Remington 710/770 and the entry level Savage Axis. That Remington design is a bad one, and the Savage Axis felt like they cut to many corners away from their standard quality rifles.

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