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The other thing is this... many "criminals" are seeking this type of structured lifestyle. Prison to them is NOTHING like prison to a normal person. Prison is a bed every night, 3 meals a day, game play, weight lifting, reading, classes, heating, air conditioning, their own clothes, money from a job, skill trade learning, education and when they get out they want RIGHT BACK IN AGAIN. That's why so many criminals do what they do. They have no fear of the prison system. It's like being sent to the principal's office and then sent right back to class with no punishment. WHY NOT do it again? The scary thing is, many of them know what they have to do to stay there a long time (which is what alot of them want). Murder (in states that don't execute you) can give you a full lifetime of structure and heck you might get to spend it with your dad, brother, cousin, nephew, son, etc....

My point is, prisons should not have TV's. Prisons should not have AC. Prisons should not have anything more than a 4 inch mattress resting on a concrete slab to sleep on with one wool blanket and NO pillow. Prisons should not have education courses or books. Prison food should not taste better than if you went to the local Golden Corral. A prisoners day should not include "outside activity" longer than 2 hours. Prisons should not have weightrooms or weightlifting equipment. Prisons should not have phones for inmates. Prisons should have a maximum heat temp of 60 degrees in the winter time. Prisons should not be allowing any other drink to inmates other than water. No other wheat other than plain bread. They should have a minimum of 10 hours a day in solitude to THINK about what they did. Prisoners should not be allowed to receive anything from the outside world.... NOTHING. Not even letters.

This is my point. Prisoners have it easy. If nothing is going right in your life, and you lost your job, lost your wife, house is forclosing, and your car is a piece.. why not rob someone so you'll have a place to lay your pretty little head? That's my point.

James 1:2-8
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