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Originally Posted by Hunting Man View Post
BB, you know it's hard being a professional. Did I tell you about the bass tracker boat I got off E-bay for $5500.00 just a couple of years ago, kept it for two years and sold it on e-bay for $10,500. I almost passed out watching three guys in a bidding war over a boat that was worth maybe $6000.00. Best deal I ever had. Those were the good old days. Today it's a 13.77 knife that made me happy, doesn't take much anymore.

I once bought a trail camera online that I thought was SD compatible, but it was a Stealth Cam that was one of the old ones that took 35mm FILM! Talk about getting expensive, film aint cheap! Bought it for $35 and put it back on Ebay thinking I'd get half that out of it (cause I felt like a sucker) and ended up selling the same cam for $78!!!!! Don't ask me why someone wanted a 35mm Trail Cam that badly. I made sure I put 35mm in the description, heading and all over the auction page too.

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