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Originally Posted by Hunting Man View Post
I'm waiting for FG to get tired of that rifle.
Probably wont happen anytime soon LOL i have a good deal of times right now, along with more on the way once they get out of the shipping container. Accura Mountain rifle, Optima pistol and hopefully soon the Bergara BX11 in .270. CVA's first attemp at a bolt action rifle and supplied with an adjustable trigger for both weight and overtravel adjustment.

I even got a .50cal TC Renegade on my bench right now! I got it in yesterday and finished the wood on it today, got 2 coats of truoil on right now, browned all the steel trim. Only 18 more coats of truoil to go before i put it all together.

On side note, the lock was missing the screw that holds the hammer on. Called TC, they put in the order and said its free!!!

The downside... only an 8 week wait!

Went to dixie gun works and ordered it for under $10 with shipping. That was one expensive screw and i got no pleasure outta that one! LOL
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