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True story here, one of our buddies, not me, actually levered all his shells on the ground at a buck, would have been his first, never fired a single shot. Another one set his, wife purchased, brand new Browning insulated boots too close to the fireplace and burned the toes right out of them. I have left my release at camp and had to make two trips. During my Dad's last trip, he was getting pretty bad by then with lung problems, he pulled a bad one, he said he wanted to test his safety and pulled the trigger at 6:oo am in the dark in his tree stand. I though the worst had happen. So I had to walk back to his stand, dreading every minute, and there he was up there embarrased but ok! How about flintlock hunting and forgetting to prime the pan, nobody does that do they.... How about loading the patch and ball only to remember you didn't load the powder.
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