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I disagree while it wasnt thier smartest thing to do there is a double standard and fear of these people for some reason.They burn our flag,behead are soldiers,cheer on 9/11 and theres outrage cause we pissed on em.Only wish i couldve been there i wouldve joined em and had a beer.Do people realize that during WW2 on Iwo Jima we burned the japenese soldiers alive and refused to shoot em because of the atrocities they did to our pows.Back then there wasnt all this bull***t thinking and it was no problem.Now we wanna embrace and reach out to people who want to destroy this country.When a wacko preacher threatened to burn the Koran the president got involved. Totally disgusting but they can burn the flag,behead our soldiers,cheer when people die etc.Im fed up with this nonsense we better wake up.
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