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Default Deer Hunting With An Empty Gun!

I finally fessed up this huntin' season to the 4 guys I stay with in deer season, it was hard to do 'cause these guys are RELENTLESS when one of us goofs up. Last year(2010 season)I drove out to where I park, got all my junk and headed out for the tree. Sittin' about 3 hours, all at once I hear a limb snap a ways off in the fencerow, I thought "that did not fall from a tree" and sure enough a pretty nice 6 pointer hits the field and starts easin' across. I put my gun up, safety off, got on him and had second thoughts about burnin' up a buck tag so soon. He got a little farther away, then I thought" why not" and pulled up on him again. But by this time he hit the edge of the woods and was goin' in, so I stopped and went"oh well". Finished out the morning about 11:00am and headed for the truck. Got to the truck, went to unload my 3 slugs, and yeah you already know my damn gun was EMPTY!! Hunted diligently 5 1/2 hours with an empty gun!! I laughed at myself for the rest of the day, not to mention callin' myself several names like "dumb a_ _, etc. 42 years of deer huntin' and that is the first time I ever did that.All I can say is I'm really glad that the deer of my lifetime didn't step out, 'cause if that would've happened I definitely would have loaded it and shot myself. Just thought I'd share this heartwarming story with all of you.
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