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Yep, you just need to spend a little extra time when you can and play with it a bit. And realistically, those really long shots don't come along too often, but if they do it's good to know that the equipment is capable of doing it. Then it's up to the loose nut behind the wheel(that would be me). And coincidentally my in-line shoots a 300 gr Hornady SST with real close to the same drop, so I only have to remember one set of numbers regardless of which one I grab for a day.
PS: Glad to hear you've gotten some relief with the latest round of inj's/meds. In Sept. I had a knee act up to the point I almost couldn't walk, thought I was gonna miss a bunch of huntin'. And I've never had ANYTHING wrong like that my whole life(so far)2 shots later, back in business, at least for now. Too many years of concrete work finally caught up I guess.
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