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I was truly impressed with the Remington 870 , I thought the in-lines were the only way to go in Ohio but the nearly touching holes at the range said something else could be used with confidence especially in foul weather like we had for the first two days. Thanks TLF for the concern regarding the last shot and they do give some relief. I just wait to see how long and they are trying some pain blocker meds to see if that helps. I would have to do a lot more range time to be able to shoot them like you but I can see where in a State like Ohio where rifles are not legal for deer a slug gun shooting out to 200 + yds would be amaizing. Heck my son is getting a little interested after the firehawk gave him a little trouble a couple of weeks ago and cost him another wall hanger. I think right now I could keep shots in a 4-5" circle at 150 yds, just a guess but when the weather is better I'd like to hit the 200 yd range and see how I do. If the Rem 1100's shoot that good maybe that last slot could be filled?

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