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You're gainin' on it HM! A few posts ago you said you were comfy at 125yds, now you're up to 150yds. It's just a matter of playin' with 'em a little bit to see their true capabilities. As far as I'm concerned these are not slug guns anymore. When you put a fully rifled barrel on a 12 gauge shotgun, now you have a 12 gauge rifle. And these saboted "slugs" are 50 caliber jacketed hollow point, spitzer or plastic tipped bullets stuffed into a roughly 73 caliber hunk of plastic(sabot). The more people I meet around here (at home)who slug hunt, the more people I find who really don't have a clue as to the real capabilities of these rounds. They are still thinkin' the old smooth bore barrels and Foster style "punkin balls", which in their time were great and killed tons of deer. At the time, they were the height of the technology. And this stuff we have now is gonna get even faster and more powerful in time. As a small example, during our second to last doe season 3 weeks ago, and I don't care who believes this or not, I whacked a coyote at 246 yards(verified afterwards on the rangefinder). I figured he was about 250, knew I had about 18" of drop at that distance, held a little over a foot high and lit it up. Also to my surprise, I lit him up. But this stuff only happens with a GOOD SOLID REST and a little extra time to "settle in" so to speak. Sorry about the length of this post(novel) but I love slug gun huntin' and all the experimentation that goes along with it. Maybe this will help other guys to realize the potential of their slug guns.
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