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What about me? No help at all, nothing, not even a smigit? I'm pro hunting too, pro gun ownership, pro archery hunting, pro rifle hunting, pro shot gun hunting, pro muzzle loader hunting and bonus points for flintlock hunters, and finally I like to think of myself as a really pro kind of guy you know what I mean? Maybe I should be getting paid for what I do...... Time to take up the matter with the addm! Oh BF we need to talk, I think my skills deserve a raise, no a really big salary so I can add Pro Moderator to my title and pursue my life's dream, dang, don't have dreams right now, the darn Ambian I take for sleep, doesn't let you dream. Shucks, when I do get a dream I'll come back and put in my request again. I like the Pro thing though, many members here would qualify in my book and that ain't no bull! Disclaimer: the above could be considered moderator humor and should be taken with a grain of salt or Taquila whatever you think.

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