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people collect all kinds of things, stamps, cars, stained glass ect, I happen to like guns. I'm also not afraid to take a nice collectable out to hunt with it. If I would happen to put a scratch on it, I'd be ticked off but it wouldn't prevent me from taking it back out. If I happen to take out a 1948 $1300.00 Savage 99 and shoot a deer with it just adds to the hunt like someone taking their LS6 Chevelle out for a ride. I do not have real high end guns because the budget doesn't allow for them but I would sure like to own some. I too have sold guns that today would be real colectors and I wish I could go back into time and retrieve a few of them. What I'm talking about is selling some low end stuff and replace with fewer better quality products. Pre 64 Winchester models 70, 88, 100, 92, 94, early Savavge 99's, Remington 14, 141 are all good moderate dollar investment guns right now that I look at. I don't think some can have too many firearms in today's times. I would like to add a good old double barrel to the vault, like a Parker, Lefever, Fox, just to name a few.
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