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i guess i should have been more spacific. im not looking to get collectors guns. im just looking to get rid of several entry level guns and replace them with nicer guns with nicer optics. as well as to have fewer guns. no sence having guns that just sit in my safe cause i dont even want to shoot them. prime examples. i Just got a Para USA GI Expert 1911. after shooting that i dont want anythig to do with my S&W Sigma. ya the sigma works just fine. it goes bang every time i pull the trigger. but it has a long heavy trigger pull, and its boxy. the 1911 has a short 2lbs. trigger pull. its cofortable to hold. you can feel the quality when your holding it. the reciole is less than my sigma. (sigma is a .40 cal. the 1911 is a .45 auto). pluss the recoil is straight back as aposed to up and to the left with the sigma. so if i sell the sigma i got extera $$$ to buy cool stuff for the 1911, like crimson trace grips, compensators, stuff like that. anothe gun i resently got rid of was my mossberg 100 ATR .270wsm. w/ an el cheepo wally world scope. it was nice when i bought it, but. this gun was bought for hunting and 9 times out of 10 i hunted with my shotgun because A. alot of my time hunting is spent in shotgun only areas, pluss shots over 50 yards are few and far between hear in NH. also after shooting my cuzents FNAR with a Trijicon Acupoint scope on it. well i just coul;d not call the ATR a tack driver any more.
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