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Got that custom .50cal out to 110 yards today, had to move the target back a good deal as it was in the shade and impossible to see. Once i moved it into the full sun, the 3" dot was fairly easy to see even with my eyes.

I got the perfect load for the rifle it seems and this will be my elk load this September once i find what unit i am going to try for.

90gr Pyrodex RS, lubed wad, 250gr REAL. 110 yards

As you can see i am impacting low. I will buy a brass front sight and mod that one as i do have trouble seeing this front sight at times during different light times. Today the front sight looked perfect, most times it has a huge shiny glare which makes finding the action edge of the sight very tough. This one however is sighted in perfect for patched round balls so i will leave it for ronnyvoo shoots if i go this year, and for just fun round ball shooting.

I'll file the new brass front sight to be dead on @ 100 yards and then try 150 and see if i want to make any more adjustments.

A good day!

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