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Late season cedar swamp bow hunting in Michigan's UP, those are fond memories also some of the coldest times I've ever experienced. I tried to describe how cold a cedar swamp can be to those who have never had the pleasure and I said climb into a freezer (not literally) for about 8 hours and you will begin to have an idea what cold is. Growing up in NW Ohio I did a lot of duck and goose hunting with some small game also. I started deer hunting at age 11. It took several years to be successful but I learned along the way mostly by myself. I was able to get my dad and brother to join me deer hunting in PA and had many years with them. They are both hunting a different place now but those were great times. Never got over the time I lost my Dad's favorite Ithaca model 37 in Lake Erie... that's another story. I think we can all agree that hunting is a good thing and doing it your own way is the only thing that really matters.
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