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I grew up hunting in deep swamps. I mean way deep. There were no roads, we went in by boat most of the time. There were very few deer. Mostly we squirrel hunted. I am dead certain squirrel hunting has no peer when it comes to learning woodscraft. It requires the use of all of the craft and senses. I learned well because I had three suprb mentors.

When I was 11, our three deer dogs ran an eight-point by me at 35-yards. I was shooting and L.C. Smith, 12 double with 32" full choke tubes. The double oughts dropped him inside 20 yards. I believe I may have had a heart attack. His head looks down on me as I write this. He has been re-mounted three times. I was hooked. It became my life's work.

Over the years, hunting in general and deer hunting in particluar became my avocation and my vocation. It is what I did at least 120-days a year. The rest of the time, I scouted and studied deer. That is what I did for a living. Naturally, I formed some opinions. One of the most important being, if it is legal and someone else wants to do it, it is fine with me. What someone else does, so long as it is legal, is not my problem.

Some technological advances did not bother me; some did. If I felt it gave the hunter an unfair advantage, I did not approve of it. If I felt it threatened the sport, wrote about it. Now if you want to start the boots, treestands, camo BS, I'll plead guilty. To this day, I can't see how a treestand is an advantage. But the key is unfair.

Shooting a deer with a spotlight is unfair. To me, shooting over bait is unfair. I don't use trail cams but I certainly don't think they are unfair. In fact, I think they cost hunters a lot of deer.

New rifles, faster bows...all that crap still depends on one thing, hunter proficiency. That is not unfair. To me, a device that warns when an animal is near, removes hunter proficiency from the equation. That is unfair. Bait removes the entire hunting aspect. You just sit there and shoot. Not for me but I don't care if someone else does it sao long as it is legal. A device that tell me a deer is walking behind...that is unfair. I should have heard him.

Oh, maybe I didn't mention, I am deaf.
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