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Like I said I think our age and the time period we began our life time pursuit has a lot to do with how we look at stuff. My son loves his trail cams and hunts about 1/4 mi from his feeder. In PA the closest thing we ever got to was food plots and I hunt quite a ways away from those. Understand I'm not knocking anything, just have a different perspective on how I look at hunting. I would like to see more youth be given the oppertunity to learn the woods and how deer interact with nature and then be able to decipher a plan to hunt them instead of hanging a feeder and a hunt from a heated shack and call that hunting. I think that teaches kids that harvesting is the only important part of hunting which makes it a sad senario to me. Everyone has a different take on this issue, I think some will agree with me and many will not. It's a good discussion for winter blahs though!
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