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I agree with you daddus... our fellow American's got us in this mess, I just hope "they" are smart enough to get us out. I'm telling you guys, if Obama gets re-elected there's nothing he won't pull or try. Right now, I have not been personally affected by Obama's "plan" health wise... but if he's re-elected, EVERYONE will be.

The bad thing that many people are going to miss is that NO ONE will want to be a doctor anymore. They don't want to be put in this position and it's one great big hassle after another. What's going to happen by the time our little ones are grownups is that there won't be any quality doctors left.

Obama has to be stopped. We have to start at the top and work our way down. Get him out of office first, then we'll work on congress and everyone else. He's corrupt, he's a bigit, and he's useless to the American people. His approval rating has increasingly been dropping every month he's been in office. What a great idea it was to get this liberal human in a high office after he filled our minds with LIES and garbage. I still remember the day he was named our President. My heart sank. He needs to go, and let the door smack him hard on the way out.

James 1:2-8
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