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I don't believe on real time cameras either (unless I could put them by the road to watch for poachers!) but I do like trail cams. I wasn't into hunting until hubby got ours and we started to check them. I think its fun to see what's out there and eventhough ours is by a feeder we aren't shooting them like cattle coming in to feed. I sit on the other side of the field with my bow where they cross. Now that its rifle season the deer are mostly nocturnal because of all the pressure from other hunters and the trail cam has let us know what's still there. That gives me hope for next bow season. Its also alot of fun for our little girl to look at the pics. It lets her see deer that she wouldn't be able to see otherwise. It fuels my sons ambition to get his shooting more accurate with his bow and build up his draw weight so someday he'll get a shot at "the deer in the pictures".
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