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Scribe - 80 feet you say?? Hmmm, let me get out my calculator, oh, wait a minute, 25 yards times 3 feet per yard . . . . I'd say that was just shy of 27 yards or so. I haven't seen anything get within 27 yards or so of my blind, except maybe for the 6 point that walked up from behind me a few years back.

But I agree with everyone else (so far), in that true hunting is a lot more than just plopping yourself in a blind or tree stand and expecting a really nice 8 point to show up on opening day of the season. (okay, so that happened to me this season, but it certainly is a first in many, many seasons)

My sons have both spent many days with me and seen nothing. My oldest did get his "trophy" a few years back, although it might not be called one by northern whitetail standards (maybe 90-110 score?). And some of y'all might not even call what we do here in Tx real 'hunting', since we're allowed to use bait such as corn.

But hunting to me is spending time in the woods or pasture or whatever you have to hunt on, finding the trails, scrapes, etc. and making the best of whatever situation you have. The time that we have to spend on our children and grand-children, getting them into the stands, introducing them to shooting and hunting, teaching them that in time they will eventually get a trophy, and more important (for me) is that whatever you are getting, it is for putting food on the table and not killing just to be killing.

Okay, I'll get off my soap box now. Guess I got a bit long winded on that one.

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