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I'm not into trail cams, electronic calls, ect either, takes away one of the best things about hunting; scouting and woods time, the chess game, as I like to call it. The Chess Game is putting the woods puzzle together as you see it, out scouting not from camers mounted over a feeders. Why bother looking for scrapes, rubs, trails, funnels, every thing that hunting is about, when you can hang a feeder and trail cam and know what you're going to shoot and just sit out and shoot it when it comes to feed like a cow. I'll bet some on here will get their dander up but facts are facts. If you want to hunt with all the things to guarantee something, fine with me, just don't call it hunting. Lets call it getting from now on. All the gadgets currently available take away the art of hunting as it was taught over the last 200 years. That probably doesn't bother many, it does bother me. I will say that I know our/my age has something to do with hunting perceptions but we're loosing the art of hunting and few seem to care. Scribe, you hit on a sore subject for me as I watched my brother's son get mad after missing his first buck and headed back to camp to play with electronic game boys. Had it been me, he would have toughed it out learned his first lesson: failure is one of the best teaching tools available. It forces you to think, what did I do wrong and correct it.! Take away the hunting Chess Game and I'm done hunting, getting, whatever we call anymore. Hunting in it's purest form is the greatest feeling a hunter can experience, I hope all here have that same experience packed away in their memory files. Fire back folks, I'm primed and ready.
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