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Just some random thoughts. In the 38 hunting seasons in PA I have watched the state mismanage the deer herds so many times it makes me sick. From over populated to 3 pt one side minimum buck to over harvests of does and now back to small rack bucks and under populations. Anyone who believes that instituting a point minimum will increase your buck's racks, we haven't seen it happen. We had a 1-2 year increase rack size in the 3rd year then everything went back to where it started with small odd number points ect. With fewer deer and a 3 point one side minimum the therory says you will have more mature larger rack bucks. Hasn't happened. I have never trusted state DNR reports nor agreed much with their views on deer management. Sorry if it has nothing to do with the above posts but when I read about so many doe permits sometimes I get pretty mad. From what I've read deer if given good nutrition will increase herd size about 30% every year. I know there are so many factors involved that only professionals can figure out permit quotos. Not trying to knock the DNR but in PA it has been a joke for several years now. Sorry about my spelling tonight a little road weary.
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