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Step in the Wrong Direction?

A Step Forward and a Step Backwards.

There is a new device on the market to help us take a step backwards in honing our hunting skills. It also helps us take a step forward in providing negative thoughts by anti hunters and non-hunters.
The device is the Game Spy. As I understand it, it is designed to alert us when game is near. Think about it.
How many deer have I failed to connect on because they busted me, saw me before I saw them? Untold numbers and some dang big ones, too. Why was I caught? I was not a good enough hunter. That is it, plain and simple. I could not hunt well enough, could not stay alert. Now I donít have to. This little thing will tell me when a deer gets within 80-feet of me in any direction.
Personally, I do not think it is fair chase. Personally, I am opposed to it. Personally, I think the company is going to make fortune if it does what I understand it does. That of course, is depending on legality. If it is legal, and the person two trees down from me wants to use one, it is not my problem. He certainly has the right to and I shall not think less of him for doing so. It is not my problem.
On the other hand, is it?
How do you think PETA will use this information to portray hunting? How do you think the non-hunting majority will view it? Maybe it is my problemÖand yours.
Why does a device like this have such a bright future? Because so many of us donít want to learn to hunt. We want to kill and more importantly, we want to kill big bucks like the guys and gals on TV kill so easily. Many will go to almost any lengths to do so. We do not want to work at hunting as our ancestors did. We want to take the easy way to put the heads on the wall.
As we move deeper into this century, we move away from learning woodsmanship and hunting skills and we move closer to being placed on the endangered species list.
One step backwards in learning skills and one step forward towards extinction.

Just my opinion. You are more than welcome to yours
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