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Originally Posted by timberghost View Post
Boy that's some disturbing news right there. Hopefully everybody reads that. GOOD POSTING JONES1102. SAFETY, SAFETY, SAFETY.
Kind of Ironic but the Traditions Muzzleloader is leading the industry with their innovation and design not to mention that Tradition Pursuit has the DSS safety system which makes it one of the Safest Muzzleloaders on the market.

DSS (Double Safety System) The Pursuit series of muzzleloaders incorporates 2 safeties to make them one of the safest muzzleloaders available. A cross block trigger safety is built into the trigger guard just like a standard rifle or shotgun safety. The second one is built into the hammer that blocks the firing pin from igniting the primer if the trigger has not been pulled.

I'm researching this further and I will post the results of my findings ASAP.
but so far it looks to me like this Randy wakeman guy is just blowing smoke for his own profit.

Here's a link to a review Randy Wakeman gave on one Traditions Muzzleloader the Evolutiion. I'd like to point out Traditions muzzleloaders are manufactured by Ardesa of Spain the very manufacturer he claims makes unsafe muzzleloaders. YET he makes no mention in his review of the Evolution as to being unsafe or dangerous to use.

It usually Boils down to shooter Error and not Manufacturers defects.

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