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Cool Bow Hunters Set Up

This past Deer season here in Vermont was anouther tough one! There are no Deer left in this state! The first deer that I have seen in the Vermont woods in the last two years happened to be a nice 180lb. 2 1/2 year old 6 pointer! It was opening weekend of rifle season. I jumped him on my way into the woods while tip toeing to my favorite spot and I listened to him trot away and slow down a hundred yards away. Then I did not hear him again. I sprayed Bowhunters Set Up into the air and onto the tree branches around me and sat down to wait. (It was 4:15 in the afternoon. Just before dusk I started to hear a light crunching sound off in the direction that the deer had run off to. He was tip toeing from downwind coming straight towards me! His head was up, his lip curled back, sniffing the air! At 10 yards I dropped him with a single shot to the lower neck area! (There was no other shot to take because he was facing me and walking straight towards me!)
Yes! This stuff works! This was the third deer I had gotten with this stuff! They really like the smell of it! Bucks and Does all seem to be curious about the smell. Buy some, you will be pleased.
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