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delbert- my apologies... I was not trying to disrespect you or be sarcastic towards you. I let my emotions get the best of me and I "took it out" on you. We all agree with what the right thing was to do in this situation and that would've been to somehow STOP the game from continuing if these actions persisted.
I see and know alot of basketball coaches that are like this. Jerks. I go to clinics, camps, etc... and see them all the time. They care nothing about their families, they care nothing about their teaching jobs, they care nothing about their players, they care about themselves only. They care about their record. They care about winning. These types of people need to get out of basketball. They are no good, and morally they are corrupt. The bad thing is, kids look up to their coaches. Many kids don't have father figures at home. Their coach becomes that figure. Especially at the HS level, so many coaches cuss their kids out and verbally abuse them even to the point where they are emotionally abused. Then they wonder why they don't perform for them? Idoits. It's disgracing to me to see a coach allow something like this to go on. Put it this way, how mad do you all get when you see a video of someone doing something that gives hunters a bad name? or steelworkers a bad name? or factory workers a bad name? Makes your blood boil a little more when it hits close to home.
James 1:2-8
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