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Just a tip. Don't worry as much about practicing with the call as you should about learning about deer vocalization. Making the right call at the right time is far more important than making it correctly. Deer don't shout, they whisper and they don't walk around the woods bleating and grunting and chirping and clicking. Whitetails do not vocalize like elk or turkeys and there are nmore than 13 different sounds they make and they all mean something different. The sound may mean to entirely different things when accompanied by a foot stomp. Body language changes many of the vocal sounds and in my opinion is far more important to understand than the difference between a cohesive bleat and maternal bleat...if there even are such things.

Do some studying. You can make the most perfect tending grunt in the world and it is useless if made at the wrong time or to the wrong deer. I first began studying whitetail vocalization over 20-years ago. Today I almost never carry a call simply because too many other hunters do.
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