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I agree volhunter... this type of crap goes on and kids think now days they don't have to be responsible for it. I don't care if they kid is 15, 16, 17, 18 or WHAT, he has a brain he knows how to use it, and he DID NOT DO IT. Welcome to the real world buddy. Our society has become "all about" 2nd and 3rd chances. Whatever happened to 1 chance? Heck, if I was that kid doing all that stuff in the video, I'd never have played sports the rest of my life. My parents would've forbid it.

What gets me is if you watch it again, look in the background throughout the whole video. There are NO fans standing up or yelling or doing anything. At the end, there's even a guy standing in the doorway and has NO emotion what-so-ever as that #34 throws that kid to the floor... how can you NOT have emotion towards something like that? I don't care if that was "MY TEAM" I was routing for either. How blatantly stupid are these two kids? How stupid is this coach? ANd how stupid are these refs? BTW there was 3 OF THEM.

If my child was one of these boys that got thrown to the ground, we'd be going to the emergency room after the game and getting a full body check out. Then we'd be stopping by my lawyer's office and showing him a video of what just happened and then giving him the bills for to the Dr. for him to serve to this BOY's family. If he's not 18 I'd sue his parents butt for the amount the bills are for. If he is 18, I'd press charges of battery and agrivated assault.

Puke kids need one thing... to be taught a lesson
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