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I'm a young guy and can remember things happening like this when I was in school. The sad part is the big kid is enjoying pushing and hitting the smaller kids....this is a common disease in America that is cured by 1. having a bigger guy beat his ass (dad, brother, etc) or 2. two or three smaller kids beating his ass. The guy is sitting there and smiling, and the coach isn't stopping it along with the refs. I look at this as being robbed or beat in the street...if the cops aren't going to help you, you must protect yourself. I am not saying that he should get shot or anything, but a bully simply needs his ass whipped. Kids/people nowadays (because of internet, school rules, and liberal parents) NEVER have to take responsibilities or consequences of their actions. As I finished up highschool there were new rules that said no matter how many times you got hit, if you hit back you could be expelled.....BS. If someone, like this guy, is hitting people and no one is stopping it. Get two or three bigger guys around and knock a few teeth down his throat. I hate to get so riled up about this, but it is a huge pet peeve of mine
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