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Originally Posted by Crawdaddy View Post
IMO only two of those were flagrants, but they were so flagrant he should have been ejected, thrown off the team and suspended. The kid has no basketball skills whatsoever. He had to be put there by virtue of size and intimidation factor

2011-2012 NFHS Basketball Rules Book
Rule 4-19-4, Pg 31
A flagrant foul may be a personal foul or technical foul of a violent or savage nature, or a technical noncontact foul which displays unacceptable conduct. It may or may not be intentional. If personal, it involves, but is not limited to violent contact such as: striking, kicking and kneeing. If technical, it involves dead-ball contact or noncontact at any time which is extreme or persistent, vulgar or abusive conduct. Fighting is a flagrant foul.

Foul #1: this is a flagrant foul because he STRIKES the other player. He physically lowers his arm with intent to harm the player he's opposing.

Foul #2: this is a flagrant foul because if you watch closely he uses his lower body to push him out of bounds as well as try to strip the ball from him. This is probably the one that could go both ways. The ONLY one.

Foul #3: this is flagrant because if you watch closely, he uses his arm in a downward motion with the intent to harm. Seriously, does he think he's going to block a shot standing on the floor? If I'm the ref, it's a no brainer.

Foul #4: this is flagrant because the kid places both his hand in the middle of his opposition's back and shoves him forward. This is not football, this is basketball. There is no where that it says one player can PUSH to the ground another. Flagrant.

Foul #5: This one to me is the worst. This jerk has already gotten away with 2 of these "hard fouls" so he's thinking "WHY THE HECK NOT". He has NO intent of playing defense, and NO intent of trying to go for the ball. His intent is to harm here. NO if's and's or but's. He closelines the kid for heaven's sake.

Foul #6: This is one that could possibly go either way. After watching this closely, his own teammate may have helped him "fall". BUT, there is still a downward action to the arm of #34. Plus #42 takes his legs out from under him, if you watch closely.

Case and point, this game got out of hand. The refs are obviously ignorant of basketball rules. Maybe the head coach of these two kids is a bully too? who knows.

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