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Originally Posted by delbert View Post
The bully teams coach should be tossed out along with the players

So a slap on the wrist ehh? I disagree. FIRED. How stupid do you have to be to leave two kids like this in a game? First off, I'm a basketball coach, and it takes no dummy to realize these kids were OBVIOUSLY told to act this way. Intimidate/be physical towards the other team. There are many coaches I coach against that have the morals of the devil. They'll win at any cost... and I do mean ANY cost. Those two boys should not be permitted to play in ANY athletic contest or practice for 365days. They both also should be charged with assault. Now what would be really funny (FUNNY ENOUGH TO SLAP THE SMIRK OFF THAT ONE KID'S FACE) is if either of them is 18 and any of the boys "attacked" was under 18.

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