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Hey tator, I'm glad to see you jumped back on this bandwagon with the Kardashian deal. A bunch of TOTALLY screwed up people making millions being screwed up. And I am totally with you on Reggie Bush, he banged the hell out of Kim and then got out of Dodge pronto. I would have to definitely give him GENIUS status!! Then while I'm thinkin' about it, let's include Bruce Jenner in the "DUMBEST EX ATHLETES" category, you would have to really have a severe lapse of judgement to get involved with that dysfunctional family. I'm sure he lives like a king on their bucks, but man I'll bet he is PAYING SEVERELY for it!!!!!! And besides that, look how nice all those face lifts worked out for him, good grief he looks like he walked straight out of "The Dawn of The Dead"to you!!
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