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Distrubing HS basketball video...

Connell vs. Highland (Washington)

Watching this makes me sick. If that boy did all this to my son, there'd be a video on the internet with an angry dad coming and taking care of business. This boy should've been ejected. Absolutely NO room for this in HS sports. Obviously he finds it funny being 300 pounds and throwing other teenagers to the floor. If you watch closely, he smiles and smirks after each one.
In my opinion, the coaches (YES ALL OF THEM ON THAT TEAM) should be fired that very next day. Teaching job and coaching. SEE YA. Those two boys doing this, should be suspended from playing ANY sports in the state of Washington for 365days. AND- they should get the doctor bills sent to them from the kids who they more than likely hurt and they should have to do community work for 100+ hours to pay for it.


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