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Originally Posted by hunt NH View Post
and my answer did not quite match any of the anwers. the first though tha came to mine was. " I'd blow his ####ing head off." so what dose that make me? republican or southener?
Originally Posted by daddus1 View Post
Hunt that makes you a southern republican that is a good shot.

haha I was going to say "IT MAKES YOU WHAT EVER THE HECK YOU WANT IT TO BE!!" hahaha,, like I've always said, I'd hate to see a guy who breaks into my house/car/property or threatens my family in any way, after I'm done with him. I may not be a born fighter or big tough guy, but I guarantee you, I am a BIG guy, and a strong guy at that,,, and I guarantee you when the adrenaline gets pumping, you don't wanna be the person begging for mercy b/c when it comes to the things listed above, I have NONE for you.

now that said, this human running at me in this scenario would not live to see tomorrow. I don't see anything wrong with shooting to kill in this situation.
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