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Originally Posted by spiker View Post
Well done Bruce as i said many times before i dont know why we are scared to say that these people are the enemy.They show no allegiance to this country,do not respect the laws of this country,and then have the nerve to try and rub are face in it with that damn mosque they wanted at ground zero.In my eyes they are the enemy and i could care less who doesnt like it.There behavior in this country would not have be tolerated years ago.They danced in the damn streets of Dearborn Michigan when the towers fell.Totally disgusting behavior and we are gonna have a conflict in this country its coming.God Bless America and lets be ready!
Ill be damned if i seen one dancing that day he wouldnt be able to dance today. around here during the 911 they kept a low profile.we had a few things happen,but all that was needed was an excuse and still dont need much more

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