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Default Crazy people

Hi Guys

I'm new here and also to the area I live in. We moved up from southern Indiana to northern Indiana. Down home the deer were plentiful and I could always fill three tags in a day or two. I was primed up for this season around the Warsaw Indiana area. Opening day it was like WAR broke out. Hunters blasting away at running deer 200 yards away. Hunters running across the fields chasing and firing at deer off hand on the run at running deer. It was insane and it's been going on now for two weeks no let up. Does anyone else see this in there area or am I just surrounded by idiots. Do I need to get a bullet proof vest and Kevlar helmet for next season. HA HA Sorry to ramble on with my first post but I am just so freaked with all this. There's a lot of woods down south and you were lucky to ever see another hunter. It will be interesting to hear about your area.
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