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I have a ghetto range set up on my farm. I have a huge pile of sand I use as a backdrop to soak up the rounds. I have an old real estate for sale sign that I put targets on. After I miss I will put up a target and shoot 10 times at it.

Its one of those targets with 4 little targets in each corner and 1 big one in the center. I shoot once at each little one then 6 at the big one in the middle. Im hitting almost dead center at 75-80 yards usually 8/10 shots. I chalk up the 2 misses to rushing my shot or jerking. But there isnt pattern in my misses, like they are all up and left, to lead me to believe my scope is off.

So I dont see what I can gain by continuing putting bullets through a target. My aim isnt off. Even had someone else shoot it and they hit the center as well. So I dont think theres a problem with the gun either. I just had this scope put on less than a month ago and the guy zeroed it in and I havent banged it so if I took it back to him im sure its still fine but after the season I will do just that just to be sure.

Also whats not safe about continuing to shoot after I miss? If the deer is still standing there and not running full speed why not take anther shot? Im not shooting on a level because Im in a stand so the only place my rounds can end up are in the ground and there arent any houses close by.

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